Masking sensitive data with DataMasque and Cohesity

As businesses look to build new products, upgrade core systems or dip their toe into what benefits AI can drive their business, many turn to their own customer data, creating an unnecessary vulnerability for cybercriminals. Regulations and standards such as HIPAA, GDPR and ISO27001 also mandate the need for organisations to limit access and protect the sensitive data they are trusted with. With data breaches becoming more sophisticated it's critical you can safely manage your customer data and meet compliance obligations, while providing your internal teams with high quality data.

What is data masking?

Data masking is core element of any data security strategy which solves the problem of sensitive data proliferating through an organisation by replacing this data with realistic alternatives for use in non-production environments. This allows businesses to reduce their compliance footprint and gives the freedom to engineer with ‘synthetic’ customer data, without putting real customer information at risk.

Information you can protect with data masking

Simplifying compliance with DataMasque and Cohesity

DataMasque provides a simple way to irreversibly replace sensitive data with realistic alternatives to help simplify compliance without compromising data functionality and usability in development and testing environments. Where typically organisations have had to make trade-offs between data security and data utility, DataMasque’s production realistic data makes it possible to achieve both. DataMasque is the exclusive masking partner of leading data management platform Cohesity and an AWS partner. Cohesity’s next-gen data management, a modern data management approach for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, is purpose built to simplify, scale and strengthen data security. By leveraging DataMasque within your Cohesity environment, your organisation can provide its data consumers with virtualised copies of production data, free from sensitive data.

We achieve this by taking your cloned data and replacing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), payment card information (PCI) and protected health information (PHI) with realistic, functional and consistent values, ensuring that no clones or physical copies leave your secure zone without first having the sensitive data masked. We can see this in the example below:

DataMasque and Cohesity cloning process

Across all levels of IT operations, DataMasque running on the Cohesity Helios next-gen data management platform allows enterprises to better protect their customers while maintaining brand reputation and building trust and loyalty.

DataMasque is available on the Cohesity Marketplace

DataMasque and Cohesity make it easy to start masking and protecting your sensitive data, freeing you to leverage your data’s value. Together with Cohesity, we provide the complete and integrated solution you need to enable DataOps with efficient backup, near-instant cloning and secure data masking capabilities. DataMasque is natively integrated into the Cohesity solution, meaning customers do not need any additional VM. DataMasque can be deployed via the Cohesity Marketplace and run through the Cohesity Portal.

Come hear us speak at AWS re:Invent to learn more

DataMasque will be presenting at the Cohesity booth mini theatre at AWS re:Invent. Come listen to us at booth 1572 on Tuesday 28th November at 13:30 to learn more about how DataMasque and Cohesity can help you protect your organisations sensitive data.

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