Protect your business and sensitive data with data masking

Irreversibly replace sensitive data without compromising its usability for testing and development.

Data integrity in a non-production environment is essential for effective testing and development.

Today’s customers trust that their personal data will be protected. Privacy regulations and standards like GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO27001 and HIPAA also mandate the need to safeguard data, while internal development, technology and analytics teams require access to realistic, high-quality data in non-production environments.

Since security measures need to be less restrictive during application development, these non-production environments tend to be less secure and have more open user access.

DataMasque provides a simple way to irreversibly replace sensitive data with realistic alternatives to help simplify compliance without compromising data functionality and usability in development and testing environments.

Nothing tests like real data.
Until now.

Using production data in development and testing environments is still commonplace with many organisations finding that nothing compares to real data for decision making and accelerating testing and development cycles.

Until DataMasque. A data masking solution that acts exactly like the real thing and makes it safe to explore, implement and harness the opportunities that data provides, free from privacy concerns or compromise.

Why do I need masked data in my non-production environments?

Organisations need to utilise high-quality data for their own internal use cases, but non-production environments pose additional risks.

  • Weaker security

    Security measures need to be less restricted during application development.

  • More access

    More users have access to private and confidential information.

  • Third parties

    The data may be shared with third parties, including vendors, developers, and consultants.

  • Compliance

    Holding sensitive data in non-production environments expands your security and compliance footprint.

Protecting sensitive data for leading global brands

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What is data masking?

Data masking is a data protection strategy that uses software to modify (make anonymous) your organisations sensitive data while maintaining its functional integrity so that is remains useful for testing, application development, analytics and training. Information you can protect with data masking includes:

Data you can protect without compromising its usefulness in a non-production environment includes:

  • Personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Protected health information (PHI)
  • Payment card information (PCI)
  • HR information
  • Any other sensitive data your organisation holds
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“DataMasque helps us lower the likelihood of a breach and secures our customers’ data, which means we avoid expensive regulatory fines.”

— Joseph Landucci, Director of Technology Management, Best Western Hotels and Resorts
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“Having realistic test data is enabling us to perform comprehensive end to end testing, covering a wide range of scenarios that could manifest in our customer’s live environments. As a result of this more rigorous testing, we’ve been able to identify issues earlier and improve the overall quality of our services with a quantifiable decrease in issues post-deployment.”

— Connor Fields, Engineering Manager, Virsae

Nothing tests like DataMasque

DataMasque is software that finds and replaces sensitive data with synthetic data that acts exactly like the real thing to ensure the highest efficacy and integrity in your testing and development (non-production) environments.

  • Enable your internal teams with ‘production-realistic’ data for meaningful testing, development and analytics
  • Seamless integration with your DevOp and DataOp workloads with ‘data masking as code’ architecture with RESTful API
  • Consistency across datastore boundaries and environments
  • Designed for enterprise data security and data operation requirements

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Build public, investor
and customer trust

Customers are becoming increasingly reluctant to disclose personal information, making it difficult for businesses, retailers and organisations to develop better-customised services and strategies at a time when more personalised communications are essential to remaining competitive.

Customers trust and expect that their personal data will be protected. Safeguarding your data with DataMasque can help you protect your customers, increase confidence and build your brand and reputation.

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Protect your business and simplify compliance

Privacy regulations and standards like GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, IRAP and ISO27001 require organisations to protect and limit access to personal data.

With data breaches becoming more sophisticated DataMasque can help you safely manage your customer data and meet compliance obligations.

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