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Proudly an AWS partner, DataMasque continues to innovate and integrate with AWS services to support your organisation in safeguarding data privacy and fulfilling compliance requirements.

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Why protecting
sensitive data
is so important

Why protecting sensitive data
is so important

Modern enterprises manage a wide variety of information that must be kept private, from personally identifiable information (PII), to protected health information (PHI), payment card information (PCI) and HR information.

To protect individuals against fraud and other misuses of personal information, such sensitive data must be safeguarded from malicious attacks and data breaches. Organisations can gain public, investor and customer trust by implementing measures to handle this critical data responsibly, differentiating them from their competitors.

Data Masking is a core element of any data security strategy

Data masking removes sensitive data from your databases so that they can be safely deployed in non-production environments. Data masking is critical for ensuring the protection of sensitive data at all levels of your IT operations. It protects your customers, maintains your brand reputation and builds customer trust and loyalty.

To facilitate the use cases of non-production environments, DataMasque replaces sensitive data with realistic and functional masked values that enable effective development, testing, analytics, and training.

Benefits Overview

Insider Threat Protection

Data Breach Protection

Data breaches have become a fact of life. According to RiskBasedSecurity reports, unauthorized access to databases and services has been the key reason behind many data breaches. Your brand integrity is paramount and we can ensure you look good and safely protect every bit of the data you are entrusted with.

Businesses need to focus on the protection of sensitive data from malicious attacks and preventing the exploitation of stolen data. By masking sensitive data before it is moved into non-production environments, DataMasque minimises the threat surface for potential data exposure.

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Data Privacy Compliance

Data Privacy Compliance

Governments across the globe are enacting ever-stricter data protection regulations. In addition to compliance mandates such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and a great many financial and corporate regulations, recent additions include:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – May 2018
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Jan 2020

The common objective of information privacy laws and standards is to protect personal and sensitive information. DataMasque offers professional sensitive data protection that helps businesses to meet their data compliance requirements by providing comprehensive audit reporting.

Data Sovereignty

Maintain Data Sovereignty in the Cloud

With the rise of cloud computing, many countries have passed data sovereignty laws to prevent information about their citizens being passed on to companies in other nations.

Data masking can be used to sanitise data for non-production uses to enable cloud adoption when faced with data sovereignty challenges.

Data masking overcomes data sovereignty challenges by offering a simple way to sanitise data, enabling businesses to forward their cloud strategies without restraint and safely run development and testing activities offshore if desired.

Data Privacy with all stakeholders in mind.

We have designed DataMasque with consideration for the perspectives of all data stakeholders. We believe data masking should provide broad protection for organisations and the individuals represented in their data while being straightforward for teams to implement and manage.

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