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Licence types


This is the default licence shipped with the DataMasque application.

It restricts the ability to run any data masking task, but allows you to login and use other web application features.

Free trial

A Free Trial licence can be obtained by contacting the DataMasque sales team:

You can also request a Free Trial licence from

Free Trial licences expire after 30 days.

DataMasque can only mask up to 1000 rows per table per masking run. All other table rows will be unmasked/untouched when using this licence.

Usage data with the same expiry date as the Free Trial licence will be cleared upon upgrading your Free Trial licence to a Standard licence.

Note: Free trial licence information is not applicable to DataMasque AWS Marketplace software products.

Standard licence

A Standard licence can be purchased by contacting the DataMasque sales team:

A Standard licence will typically have a 1-year term, however other licence terms are available on inquiry.

Standard licences are issued with a "unique masked database size quota": The total on-disk size of each unique database that is masked using DataMasque will be accumulated against the available quota of your licence.

For licences with a 1-year term, usage accumulated against the quota will be reset on the licence expiry date. For licences with a term greater than 1-year, accumulated usage will be reset after each year within the licence term, such that the behaviour of accumulating and resetting usage is identical to how it would be if purchasing multiple single-year licences. I.e. Accumulated usage is cleared and begins re-accumulating after each 1-year period within the licence term.

The Standard licence quota is measured in TB (1024^4 bytes).

Note: Standard licence information is not applicable to DataMasque AWS Marketplace software products except BYOL.

Usage calculation

DataMasque keeps track of masked databases to ensure licence compliance.

You can view a brief summary of usage against your licence quota in terms of the accumulated total size of all distinct database instance IDs that masking runs have been performed on. The usage data is displayed as X/Y TB, where X is the accumulated usage (total size of databases) and Y is the quota of your current licence, both in TB (1024^4 bytes).

Total database size is the sum of each unique database instance's size:

  • Unique Oracle database instances are identified by DBID from v$database

  • Unique Microsoft SQL Server database instances are identified by the first not null file_guid in database_files

  • Unique PostgreSQL database instances are identified by system_identifier in pg_control_system() together with current database name.

Database copies with same identifier are counted as the same instance.

DataMasque will query your database to determine a unique ID for the database for licensing purposes. In some cases (due to database setup) a unique ID can't be determined. In this case, the same database might be considered different, and will be counted towards your licence quota.

Licence quota consumption is determined by observing the size of each unique database instance at the time of masking. When a database grows in size and is subsequently masked, the quota consumed by this database will reflect this growth immediately. However, database size reductions must be sustained for at least 1 week before this reduction will affect quota consumption.

Database size observations that are greater than 12 months old are discounted; in the event that a database is not masked for more than 12 months, any size reduction to that database will be reflected immediately during the next masking run.

Database size excludes offline files, and is calculated as follows:

Source Data Usage Estimate Required DB Privileges
Oracle SELECT sum(bytes) / POWER(1024, 4) Size_In_TB FROM dba_data_files WHERE online_status <> 'OFFLINE' AND status = 'AVAILABLE'; Read-only privilege on dba_segments, v$database.
Microsoft SQL Server SELECT sum(CONVERT(BIGINT, size))*8.0/POWER(1024,3) Size_In_TB FROM sys.database_files WHERE state <> 6; Requires membership in the public role.
PostgreSQL SELECT pg_database_size(datname)/POWER(1024, 4) AS SIZE_IN_TB FROM pg_database WHERE datname=current_database(); Read-only privilege on pg_database and system information functions.

Licence breach types

Licence quota exceeded

When your accumulated usage exceeds the quota of your licence (see Usage calculation) when starting a masking run:

  • If the target database has been masked previously, and has not increased markedly in size, a licence breach will be registered, and the masking run will be started as usual. A warning will be displayed in the DataMasque interface and a notification email will be sent to the registered admin user of your DataMasque instance.
  • If the target database has not been masked previously, or has increased markedly in size, the masking run will not be started.

In the event that your licence quota is exceeded, it is necessary to contact the DataMasque sales team ( to upgrade your licence quota. You will be unable to mask any new database instances.

Licence expiry

After licence expiry, you will no longer be able to run any data masking tasks. You can however continue to login and use the rest of the DataMasque web interface as normal.

Automated notification emails

The following email notifications will be sent using the configured SMTP settings as reminders.

  • Licence breach reminder notification and Expiry reminder notification are automatically scheduled to be sent on the 1st day of applicable months.
  • Summary of licence usage is automatically scheduled to be sent weekly for the first month from the start date of the licence then monthly.

Notification on licence limit breach

Licence limit breaches will trigger email notifications to the email address of the DataMasque admin user. Once a breach notification email has been sent, subsequent breaches within the following 30 days will not trigger additional notification emails.

Licence breach reminder notification

A single email is sent monthly to the admin user containing a summary of the licence breaches that happened during the last calendar month. If no breach occurred during the last month, this email will not be sent.

Expiry reminder notification

During the last 3 months of the licence subscription period, a monthly email notification will be sent to the admin user with a reminder that the DataMasque licence will expire soon.

Summary of licence usage

A single email is sent every 3 months to the containing a summary of the licence usage report. This email is also bcc'd to the admin user.

Note: the admin user is bcc'd in Licence breach reminder notification and Expiry reminder notification emails.

Licence renewal and upgrade process

Contact the DataMasque sales team: for licence renewal or upgrade.

The collected usage data may be requested during the licence renewal and upgrade process. Instructions for downloading and sending usage data are available in the My Account page documentation.

The usage data will be validated by DataMasque team before a new licence is issued.