DataMasque Portal

Database masking dashboard


The DataMasque dashboard shows:

  • Target database Connections available for masking
  • Masking Rulesets that can be applied to target databases
  • Run Options that are applied when starting a new masking run

Masking runs can be started directly from the database masking dashboard. Refer to Masking Runs for detailed instructions on performing a masking run.

Database masking Dashboard


Available database connections are displayed on the Connections section of dashboard page. Refer to Database Connections to create new connection, update an existing connection or delete a connection. Testing, deleting, and cloning a connection can also be done directly on the dashboard. To test a connection click the Test button. To delete a connection click the trashcan icon followed by the confirmation prompt. To clone a connection click on the copy icon.clone


Available rulesets are displayed on the Rulesets section of database masking dashboard page. Refer to Rulesets to create new ruleset, update an existing ruleset or delete a ruleset. A ruleset can be cloned directly from the dashboard by clicking the copy icon.clone

Run options

Run options are displayed on the Run Options section of the database masking dashboard page. Refer to Database Masking Runs for detailed descriptions of the available options.