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Read-Only Database Connections

When you configure a connection to a database, there is the option to restrict the connection to be read-only.

Setting a Database Connection as Read-Only

Currently, there is no UI option for setting a database connection as read-only; the only way to set a database connection as read-only is via the DataMasque API. To set this option, update the target database connection configuration to include the key-value pair:
"is_read_only": true

NOTE: To ensure safety, we strongly recommend you create a database user with only read privileges and specify this user in the connection configuration.

Databases Supporting Read-Only Database Connections

Read-only database connections are supported on the following database types:

  • MariaDB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Postgres
  • Redshift
  • SQL Server

If you set a connection to a database of any other type as read-only, all tasks executed against that connection will fail.

Task Types Runnable with Read-Only Database Connections

Only the following task types can be used with read-only database connections.

  • serial
  • parallel
  • run_data_discovery
  • run_schema_discovery

All other task types will fail.

Dry Runs

When you execute a dry run against a read-only connection, all task types will be runnable. This is because dry runs are non-writable by default.

Run History

When you execute a masking run against a read-only connection, DataMasque does not write a run history entry to the target database.