Virsae uses DataMasque on Microsoft Azure to improve customer experience

Jan 06, 2024

Businesses around the world use Virsae’s cloud-based Service Management Platform (VSM) to keep their communications systems performing at their best.

In a fiercely competitive market characterised by swift technological progress and changing user demands, it’s vital that Virsae can provide an uninterrupted, effective service to its customers.

When developing and testing new features, Virsae was finding it challenging to fully identify and resolve issues prior to release. The hand-crafted data being used for testing purposes wasn’t representative of their customer’s data.

To ensure that the end-user experience wasn’t impacted, Virsae set the following objectives:

  • Establish a testing environment that resembled the complex and varied situations encountered in their customer’s live environments.
  • Ensure test scenarios are realistic to solve for more issues during internal testing.
  • Optimise the experience for customers by reducing disruption.

Safeguarding customer information

Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) is not only critical, but a requirement for large enterprise and government clients globally. Virsae didn’t want to turn to using their own customer data to solve their challenge as it would add significant risk. Because of the nature of how testing and development environments are used, they are typically more open, have less robust security measures and more people accessing them.

Creating realistic, synthetic data using DataMasque on Azure Marketplace

Virsae took their objectives to the team at Microsoft who recommended DataMasque, a Microsoft partner who offer their data masking and obfuscation solution on Azure Marketplace.

DataMasque gives Virsae a simple way to replace sensitive data with realistic alternatives. This allows Virsae the freedom to engineer with ‘synthetic’ customer data, without putting real customer information at risk. 

Virsae was able to purchase and download DataMasque from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The initial phase of integrating DataMasque involved the automated creation of a comprehensive test environment using templates provided by DataMasque. The synthetic data generated by DataMasque replicates the complexity of the data in their customer environments.

Using DataMasque on Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure provides scalability and new test environments can be easily created, automated and managed.

Improved customer experience and confidence

“Having realistic test data is enabling us to perform comprehensive end to end testing, covering a wide range of scenarios that could manifest in our customer’s live environments,” said Connor Fields, Engineering Manager at Virsae.

“As a result of this more rigorous testing, we’ve been able to identify issues earlier and improve the overall quality of our services with a quantifiable decrease in issues post-deployment”.

This has led to an improved customer experience and more confidence in the solution as a direct result of more issues being resolved prior to customer release.

About DataMasque

DataMasque provides a simple way to irreversibly replace sensitive data with realistic alternatives to help simplify compliance without compromising data functionality and usability in development and testing environments. DataMasque is a Microsoft Partner available through the Azure Marketplace.

About Virsae

For 10 years, Virsae’s AI-powered analytics platform has delivered unrivaled insights to optimize enterprise communications technology. Virsae’s full-stack analytics platform ensures your Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Center environments are operating securely at peak performance. Virsae is the creator of Virsae Service Management (VSM), the leading cloud-native service management platform designed to keep multi-vendor communication applications running flawlessly.

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