DataMasque Portal

Supplementary Files


You may upload supplementary SQL or Seed files to DataMasque which will be available for use by certain tasks and masks in Masking Rulesets.

Seed files provide mock datasets for use in masking and must be provided in a tabular CSV format (including a header row) encoded as UTF-8. Seed files are consumed by the following mask types:

Sample seed files are provided for download in the Sample Seed Files section.

SQL files provide scripts that DataMasque can execute during a masking run. SQL files are consumed by the following mask types:

To access the supplementary file list, choose the Files item from the main menu.

Files list

Add a file

To add a file, click the  Add button  button on the Files page.

A popup modal form will appear for you to fill in the following fields:

  • File description (optional)
  • File input, where the uploaded file must be either a CSV (Comma-Separated Values, in .csv or .txt format) or SQL file

Once you have filled in the above fields, click the Submit button.

Add file

Download and view file

To download an existing file, hover over the file in the files list and click the  Download button  button.

Download file

Delete file

To delete a file, hover over the file in the files list and click the  Delete button  button. You will be prompted for confirmation.

Delete file

Upload Oracle wallets

To enable encrypted Oracle connections, you may upload one or more Oracle wallets. To upload your wallet, click the UPLOAD ORACLE WALLET button below the Files list:

Upload Oracle wallet

Select your Oracle wallet (packaged as a .zip file) for upload. Each Oracle wallet .zip must have a unique filename.

To use an uploaded wallet to connect to a specific database, select it in the Add/Edit Connection interface.

Deleting and updating Oracle wallets

Oracle wallets cannot be deleted while they are referenced by a connection. To update the Oracle wallet used by one or more connections, the following process is recommended:

  1. Upload the new wallet (with a new/unique name)
  2. Update each connection to use this new wallet
  3. Delete the old wallet

Upload MySQL SSL Certificates

To enable encrypted connections on MySQL connections, you may upload MySQL SSL certificates. To upload your certificate, click the UPLOAD MYSQL SSL ZIP button from below the Files list:


Select your Connection Fileset, which must be packaged as a zip, for upload. Each set of certificate files must have a unique filename. For more information on what this certificate must contain, see the Encrypted Connections section for MySQL.

To use an uploaded MySQL SSL Certificate to connect to a specific database, select it as an Advanced Setting in the Add/Edit Connection interface.

Sample seed files

The following example seed datasets are included with DataMasque.

Click each link in the table below to download:

File Name Description Metadata Columns
DataMasque_email_suffixes.csv 100 most common email domains. email-suff
DataMasque_fake_email_suffixes.csv 20 fictional email domains. email-suff
DataMasque_firstNames_female.csv 177,256 randomly distributed female first names. firstname-fem
DataMasque_firstNames_male.csv 353,621 randomly distributed male first names. firstname-male
DataMasque_firstNames_mixed.csv 531,020 randomly distributed female and male first names. firstname-mixed
DataMasque_NZ_addresses_small.csv 220 random New Zealand addresses with suburb and postcode. street, suburb, city, postcode
DataMasque_lastNames.csv 93878 randomly distributed last names. lastnames
DataMasque_languages.csv 100 most common languages. language
DataMasque_credit_card_numbers.csv 62 magic credit card numbers with issuer name and issuer prefix. card_number, company, prefix
DataMasque_occupations.csv 100 randomly distributed occupation titles. occupation
DataMasque_pasifika_names.csv 115 Pasifika names, including names with special characters. name
DataMasque_dictionary_words.csv 10000 randomly distributed dictionary words. dictionary_words
DataMasque_short_sentences.csv 1554 randomly selected short sentences. sentence
DataMasque_US_addresses_small.csv 5000 randomly generated US addresses with state and postcode. street_name, city, state, zipcode
DataMasque_US_addresses_large.csv 48533 randomly generated US addresses with state and postcode. street_name, city, county, state_long, state_short, postcode
DataMasque_AU_addresses.csv 31978 randomly generated AU addresses with state and postcode. address, city, state_long, state_short, postcode
DataMasque_NZ_addresses_large.csv 30193 randomly generated NZ addresses with region and postcode. street_name, suburb, city, region, postcode
DataMasque_NZ_companies.csv 258 legitimate NZ company names. company_name
DataMasque_mixed_countries_addresses.csv 3000 randomly generated US, AU and NZ addresses with postcode and either suburb or state. address, suburb, city, state_long, state_short, post_code, country