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What is data masking?

As data breach and cyberattack threats continue to grow, data privacy has become a serious concern for organisations. This has created a tension between the need for data utility and the importance of data privacy.
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How to protect data privacy without sacrificing data utility

Data is a highly valuable currency for businesses and cybercriminals alike, and protecting it is a non-negotiable. Data masking involves altering or obfuscating sensitive data so it becomes unidentifiable while still maintaining functional integrity.
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Virsae uses DataMasque on Microsoft Azure to improve customer experience

DataMasque gives Virsae a simple way to replace sensitive data with realistic alternatives. This allows Virsae the freedom to engineer with ‘synthetic’ customer data, without putting real customer information at risk.
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Best Western Uses DataMasque on AWS to Stop Data Breaches

Best Western employs DataMasque on AWS, shielding data, averting breaches, and automating key protection processes.
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Masking sensitive data with DataMasque and Cohesity

DataMasque collaborates with Cohesity, securing data compliance without sacrificing utility or innovation.
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The Dynamic Duo: DataMasque and DynamoDB

DataMasque version 2.11 adds support for DynamoDB, along with a raft of other improvements.
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More realistic fake data with DataMasque's Deterministic Masking

DataMasque can use deterministic masking to securely generate consistent data across data stores, which gives more realistic masked data.
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File Masking with DataMasque 2.9

Introducing file masking in DataMasque 2.9.
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DataMasque Product Sheet

As data leaves your production environment, DataMasque simply and irreversibly replaces the sensitive data with realistic, functional and consistent values. DataMasque empowers organisations to better leverage its data to make meaningful decisions.
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DataMasque Data Sheet

With DataMasque’s total focus on data security, you have the right toolset to meet your compliance requirements through best practice data masking, all seamlessly integrated into your DevOps workflow – in the cloud or on-prem.
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Cohesity and DataMasque Solution Brief

Data is growing at staggering rates, challenging organizations to adopt new ways to protect sensitive data while making it available for business advantage.

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