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Accelerating your application and test enviroments while
protecting customer data

Compliance requirements don’t have to complicate your data access. DataMasque, in combination with Cohesity’s next gen data management, allows your organization to reduce compliance exposure while still leveraging data for all your tools, use cases and personas.

Proudly Cohesity’s exclusive masking partner and the only masking solution that is natively integrated into the Helios platform, DataMasque continues to innovate in order to support your organisation in safeguarding data privacy and fulfilling compliance requirements.

Next-Gen Data Masking

DataMasque is the next-gen data masking and obfuscation solution that has been designed for today’s DevSecOps requirements. By leveraging DataMasque within your Cohesity environment, your organisation can provide its data consumers with a self-service model and one-click automation, free from sensitive data. Providing high quality, production-like data ensures your organisation accelerates its DevTest cycles while minimising your sensitive data footprint.

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Automate Masking

Have your DevOps teams rejoice in our API-First Architecture, enabling self-service with automation while seamlessly integrating into existing IT management services.

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Cryptographically secure

Drives irreversibility of masked data while providing safety measures to accommodate real-world, complex masking requirements using SHA-512 salted hash.

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Maintain Consistency

DataMasque can enforce masked data consistency across tables, databases and database engines. Remove excuses for using production data by providing functional, diverse and realistic datasets that maintain your data integrity, data consistency and with masking functionalities to accommodate real-world, complex masking requirements.

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Sensitive Data Discovery

DataMasque finds sensitive data in your non-production environments, helping you keep on top of potentially sensitive data within your databases while masking. DataMasque also provides you with data discovery reports, ensuring that you are always aware of any sensitive information that may exist, allowing for proactive and ongoing protection.

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