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Accelerating your application development while protection customer data.

DataMasque and AWS together allows your organisation to safeguard data privacy, break down data silos and empower your data consumers through automation in non-production environments.

Proudly an AWS partner, DataMasque continues to innovate and integrate with AWS services to support your organisation in safeguarding data privacy and fulfilling compliance requirements.

Test Data Management in the Cloud

We understand the importance of high quality test data to ensure successful delivery of your critical projects. With DataMasque and AWS, the same engine that powers masking runs can be effortlessly leveraged for synthetic data generation.

Data masking is one of the most recognised data protection measures in privacy law. Get your free trial on AWS here today!

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Benefits of DataMasque

Irreversible data masking

Protect sensitive information including personal identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI) and payment credit card information (PCI) with safety measures like cryptographically secure SHA=512 salted hashing to prevent reverse-engineering to the original unmasked state


Self-service automation

DataMasque’s API-First architecture enables self-service automation and streamlines integration into your existing IT management services, making it easy to generate quality test data for development.

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Maintain consistency

DataMasque enforces masked data consistency across tables, databases and database engines and provides functional, diverse and realistic data sets that maintain data integrity and consistency with masking functionalities.

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Sensitive data discovery

DataMasque finds sensitive data in your non-production environments and provides you with data discovery reports so that you are aware of any sensitive information that may exist.

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Best Western Uses DataMasque on AWS to Stop Data Breaches and Automate Key Processes

Data breaches can be catastrophic for large enterprises. In addition to potentially destroying a company’s reputation, breaches are often extremely costly. Statistics show the global average cost of a data breach was $4.24 million in 2021, up from $3.86 million in 2020.

Joseph Landucci says:

“DataMasque helps us lower the likelihood of a breach and secures our customers’ data.”

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